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Pygmy Hunting in Central America


On May 29th, 1925 Colonel James Churchward presented a talk on WNYC in New York City entitled “Pygmy Hunting in Central America”
Due to fortuitous circumstances, a copy of his presentation has survived and is presented here for the first time in public.

Hate Mail?

My research has always been about reaching the truth about my great-grandfather’s theories. As I note on the ‘About My-Mu page,’ I don’t receive any royalties from the sales of his books. In my spare time over the past ten years, I have created podcasts and added information to the website.

Then comes the hate mail/comments.

I am guessing to some people, the truth is irrelevant. They would rather remain oblivious to the truth and say nasty things to make themselves feel better.

It is not a new phenomena, it has been around for years.

I would like to make it clear that if you do not like the conclusions I reach, have your little tantrum. Unfriend me, denigrate me and my research, or whatever.
It will not change the content of my research. I am not like the theorists who manufacture ‘click bait,’ and say whatever bs they think will get them on a cable TV show or sell more books.

Integrity is more important.

Have a great day.

Still Searching for Great Uighur Empire Information…

In podcasts and blog entries, I have requested information about James Churchward’s version of the Great Uighur Empire for a few years.

Unfortunately, there have not been very many references to what my great-grandfather wrote about in English. I know that Turkish researchers continue to publish books on the subject, but that has not very helpful since they are not published in English.

My purpose for collecting this information is for inclusion in my next book.
All submissions, if used in the book, will be acknowledged and full credit given.
Send to

Thanks in advance…