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And A King Mu…

Dae Mu-ye (aka King Mu,) was the second king of the Balhae state from 718 – 737 CE. Although claimed by the Chinese as a Chinese state, Balhae was established by former Goguryeo general Dae Jo-yeong (father of Dae Mu-ye) after defeating the Tang forces at Tianmenling in 698 CE. Goguryeo was a Korean kingdom from 37 BCE to 668 CE and the shortened form of the name, Goryeo, is where the English, Korea, comes from.

9th century Northeast Asia

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Live Broadcast – The Stone Tablets of Mu – 20Dec16


Links to images of William Niven Tablets from the Peabody Museum at Harvard:

Jeb Card and the Mu Stones Pt I on the ArchyFantasies Podcast.

Here are recently obtained images of Niven’s tablets from the Valley of Mexico:

An outline of the symbol on the Mu Stone shown in the video is here.

The video:

Announcement: Live Broadcast on The Stone Tablets of Mu – 20Dec16 8PM EST

There will be a Live Facebook broadcast on December 20, 2016 at 8PM EST on The Stone Tablets of Mu

Listen to a brief background description and update on the research – followed by your questions.

Hope to see you there!