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Another James Churchward Painting Surfaces – July 2015

I was contacted recently with news and a picture of another James Churchward painting…

Other works can be found here, here, and here.

Could this waterfall be the same as from the Hatherleigh Estate in Sri Lanka as captured in these pictures?

James and Mary Churchward Arrive in Ceylon – January 1872

According to the ‘Overland Ceylon Observer and and Fortnightly Summary of Intelligence (No. 2 Vol. XX. New Series)’, Mr. Churchward and his wife arrived in Ceylon from England.
This followed their wedding in London on the 18th of December 1971.

They arrived on the P and O Dehli from England.


The Atlantean Research Society

I have been told over the years that James Churchward was the Vice-President of the Atlantean Research Society founded by Dr. A. E. Strath-Gordon (1873-1952). The Society was formed in 1928 in East Orange, New Jersey (coincidentally where my grandfather, Alexander James Churchward [1872-1933] was living.)

Letterhead of the ARS

Letterhead of the ARS

A new website about Strath-Gordon is being created by his great-grandson, Christopher Volpe at where his association as a field operative with British Intelligence is discussed, as well as his exciting life as a

spiritualist, researcher, author, and public lecturer on esoteric and paranormal subjects including Atlantis, the pyramids, self-reliance, comparative mythology, Native American medicine and shamanism, extra sensory perception (ESP), and the “reunion” of science and religion.

I am interested in any further information about the Atlantean Research Society (ARS) that may provide dates and venues where the ARS held meetings or lectures, elected members to office, or had a group picnic. In James’ scrapbooks there are no mentions of the Atlantean Research Society, no copies of letters from/to Strath-Gordon, or anything to indicate that it was my great-grandfather as opposed to my grandfather that was a member of the organization. (My grandfather’s name has been spelled James Alexander and Alexander James in different places.)

Another question to answer would be: if the society was created in 1928 (as mentioned in numerous places on the WWW,) why would the letterhead read “1906” ?

Any amplifying information would be greatly appreciated and add to the story and understanding of both men and their theories.

Have a great day.