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William Niven’s Discoveries in the Valley of Mexico

A new resource has been started by to provide information on William Niven’s stone tablet discoveries in the Valley of Mexico.

Starting in 1921, Niven found and documented 2600 stone tablets with strange symbols that very few people were able to interpret; one of whom was James Churchward, who included many of the images and his interpretations in his books. The purpose of this new resource is to provide a forum to show the tablets and collect the meanings of these tablets to understand our ancient past. Comments are welcomed to provide new interpretations and/or correct the record.

Please visit
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Russian TV Appearance

I was interviewed last December about my great-grandfather’s theories and the TV program was shown February 21st on Russian TV. It also includes Erich von Däniken, but there are no English subtitles and I am sure to never wear that jacket again for a video shoot…

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Another Clarification – Unknown Publication “Not Forthcoming”

I recently came across an article entitled, “More Evidence of an Ancient Egyptian and Pleiadian Presence in Australia.” Written by Steven Strong, it imparts the following:

“So when leafing through segments of Mu/Lemurian expert Jack Churchwood’s soon-to-be-published dictionary of the language of Mu, it was pleasant – but no surprise – to discover the consistent identical matches between Jack’s Mu script and the non-Egyptian symbols on the Kariong walls. Clearly, the two scripts originated from the same extra-terrestrial source.”

First, I must thank Mr. Strong for according me the title of ‘expert’ (although it is counter-balanced by the spelling error of my name.)
Second, I must admit that I have been compiling a comprehensive list of the symbols in my great-grandfather’s works with their images and the “translations/interpretations” provided in the text. The incomplete document would not even rate as a rough draft and should not have been mentioned in any public discourse. The document is essentially an incomplete list of raw data waiting to be used. There should be no confusion between this document and an actual finished publication.
Copies of Stone Tablets... Cover
I have signed a contract for the publication of my next book, tentatively entitled, “Stone Tablets of Mu.” This book examines the 1927 “Copies of Stone Tablets Found by William Niven at Santiago Ahuizoctla Near Mexico City” and how this rarely viewed manuscript fits in with subsequent books written by James Churchward. His second book, it contains symbols that were never shown in James’ other books and asks pointed questions about why we don’t know more about William Niven’s discoveries.
My first book on “Lifting the Veil on the Lost Continent of Mu Motherland of Men” is going into it’s second printing.

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