Another Lost Sunken City Found

In an article entitled, “Lost city of Heracleion gives up its secrets,” the details of another ancient sunken city have been reported. Uncovered off the coast of Egypt and initially rediscovered in 2000, the city of Heracleion has slowly been revealing it’s treasures from 150 feet beneath the Bay of Aboukir. Also known as Thonis to the Greeks, the artifacts recovered from the site have amazed archaeologists.

The city disappeared some 1200 years ago and was known in the present era only from a few ancient texts and some inscriptions. It was originally built in the eighth century BCE. The site is now 6.5 kilometers off the coast and occupies an area of 11 by 15 kilometers.

This is another example of sunken features that have arisen from obscurity and/or legend to change our understanding of history. Here are some other examples:
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