James Churchward and “The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold”

In researching my great-grandfather James Churchward, I am sometimes confronted with references to his works. In some cases, the proposals allegedly supported by James’ works agree in principle with the world view espoused by James. In other cases, such as video games and Science Fiction adventure films, the references to his works are meant as a lark and not part of a scholarly work. Another category encompasses those academic theories that use James’ words to prove something that contradicts James’ world views and beliefs. This is the subject of this commentary podcast. While there are numerous examples, today I want to address a specific instance of an author using James’ works to prove a theory that he himself (that is, James Churchward) did not espouse. Therefore, please watch this video rebuttal entitled:

James Churchward and
“The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold”

The video was removed by the folks at YouTube because after six months it became ‘inappropriate content’ when ‘someone’ flagged it. However, the folks at MySpace have not yet banned it, so here is a link: Video Podcast

If you believe that the author’s work did not deserve this scrutiny or that I have somehow offended someone’s sensibilities (or heaven forbid, been politically incorrect,) please leave a comment on the my-mu.com blog at jameschurchwardsmu.blogspace.com. If you wish to respond with a video comment of your own, please post a link to it on the same blog. Angry or insulting comments will be ignored (and perhaps removed.)

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