Another ‘Empress of Mu’…

Another ‘found on the internet’ reference to Mu.

In the 1963 Japanese movie entitled, Atragon (review here,) a powerful shipping magnate (a former WWII Admiral) and his daughter are kidnapped by the agents of the Empire of Mu that sank 10,000 years previously, but this empire is still alive at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Mu Empire Submarine

Mu Empire Submarine

Due to the help of two photographers, the kidnapping plot is foiled. Shortly, the Admiral receives a package with a message on an 8mm film reel.

'Message from Mu'

‘Message from Mu’

Very soon thereafter the forces of the Mu Empire attack a Japanese ship and sink an America submarine and the war begins.

Eventually, we meet up with the evil and beautiful ‘Empress of Mu.’

Empress of Mu

Empress of Mu

I know that everyone wants to know who won the war and what happened to the Empire of Mu, but I will not spoil it for those want to view the movie.

Have a great day.

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