Another Visit from Elle Ayat

The October 2010 visit by Radik Kurbanov (and Anna) of Elle Ayat was covered in the video below:

This past January 6th (2015) Vlad Volzhyn (and Anna) visited again to talk about Elle Ayat. I talked for a couple of hours directly with Vlad and Anna in English as the previous visit was done through a translator from the Russian.
They provided some links to more information about this Central Asian healing system and the founder Farhat-ata. Farhat-ata was an ethnic Uyghur from Gulja, Eastern Turkestan (aka Yining, Xinjiang, PRC.)

This page is translated into English and the following video has been translated into English as well.

One thing that Anna told me during her visit was the Farhat-ata was shown one of James Churchward’s books and he right off the bat and only by touch, said that 80% of what James wrote was the truth.

Have a great day.

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