What a Fun Time to Watch the ‘Origin of Man’ Debate

Almost five years ago, when I did my first (and so far only) podcast on “Genetics and the Lost Continent of Mu“, all the evidence indicated an Out-of Africa solution utilizing the latest in DNA evidence as reported in the media.

Forgive my ill-timed pronouncements, had I only waited until the end of the month I could have indicated the discovery of the Denisovans and how that really complicated things.

Then came the stark truth that humans and Neanderthals interbred and we still had them in our genes. The evidence of Neanderthal culture, which seemed to back up what James wrote, was also reported.

Then the ‘mystery ancestor‘ hominid that wasn’t Denisovan or Neanderthal that was found in human DNA.

To get to the point:
I watched a short video that used DNA evidence showing Swedes as being the original Europeans and dismissing the Out-Of-Africa theory. Their DNA evidence was from an unidentified 37,000 year old skull and used pictures to ‘prove’ their point of the difference between humans from the different locations.

A recent article discussed the discovery of a skull cap indicating Neanderthals lived side-by-side with humans and how they reached Israel on their ‘Out-Of-Africa trek 55,000 years ago.

Another recent article reported on evidence of a new species found in the sea off of Taiwan that resembles finds from a 400,000 year old discovery in southern China.

Another older article identified 400,000 year-old hominids discovered in Northern Spain that shared a common ancestor with the Denisovans.

Who really knows what the answer is or can guess what direction it will head next?
I don’t think any shift in our understanding of our human origins is cause for a shift in civilized human interaction.

Have a great day.

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