Old News and the ‘Origin of Man’ Debate Continues

In an online article entitled “Oldest Prehistoric Human Fossil Discovered In Serbia Dated Between 397.000 And 525.000 Years Old” from a couple of years ago is another point of reference that slipped through my net of news and fact-gathering.

As I mentioned previously, our understanding keeps changing when it comes to the who, what, where, when, and how questions.

Other evidence has indicated that humans of today have varying amounts of Denisovan, Neanderthal and/or an unknown hominid DNA in us. The examination and study of the jawbone from the Mala Balcanica cave in Serbia has pushed back the date when hominids existed in Europe to well before other dates expressed in previous histories, but that really is not the amazing part.

This study shows that this hominid had a lack of Neanderthal traits and combined with other evidence indicated that evolutionary forces worked on these folks differently than those further west.

The story continues to be written and some day we may know the truth.

Have a great day.

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