The Atlantean Research Society

I have been told over the years that James Churchward was the Vice-President of the Atlantean Research Society founded by Dr. A. E. Strath-Gordon (1873-1952). The Society was formed in 1928 in East Orange, New Jersey (coincidentally where my grandfather, Alexander James Churchward [1872-1933] was living.)

Letterhead of the ARS

Letterhead of the ARS

A new website about Strath-Gordon is being created by his great-grandson, Christopher Volpe at where his association as a field operative with British Intelligence is discussed, as well as his exciting life as a

spiritualist, researcher, author, and public lecturer on esoteric and paranormal subjects including Atlantis, the pyramids, self-reliance, comparative mythology, Native American medicine and shamanism, extra sensory perception (ESP), and the “reunion” of science and religion.

I am interested in any further information about the Atlantean Research Society (ARS) that may provide dates and venues where the ARS held meetings or lectures, elected members to office, or had a group picnic. In James’ scrapbooks there are no mentions of the Atlantean Research Society, no copies of letters from/to Strath-Gordon, or anything to indicate that it was my great-grandfather as opposed to my grandfather that was a member of the organization. (My grandfather’s name has been spelled James Alexander and Alexander James in different places.)

Another question to answer would be: if the society was created in 1928 (as mentioned in numerous places on the WWW,) why would the letterhead read “1906” ?

Any amplifying information would be greatly appreciated and add to the story and understanding of both men and their theories.

Have a great day.

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