Dedication of “The Children of Mu” Part 3

Part 1 with the complete dedication is here.

Samuel Hubbard (1863-1944)

Samuel Hubbard ventured to the Grand Canyon in 1896 and discovered footprints and a petrified human body. At the time, nobody believed his account published in the Los Angeles Times (Oct 2, 1896).

In 1924, he lead the Doheny Expedition which discovered dinosaur pictographs in the Hava Supai Valley in Arizona, an image from that expedition was included in James’ 1926 Lost Continent of Mu Motherland of Men, image and caption are reproduced below:

ROCK CARVING, HAVA SUPAI CANYON, ARIZONA Reptile Tyrannosaurus. Hopi legend refers to the great reptiles

Reptile Tyrannosaurus. Hopi legend refers to the great reptiles

A letter from Samuel Hubbard to James Churchward is contained in one of James’ scrapbooks and the transcription is reproduced below:

May 26th 1927

My dear Col Churchward:-
At the request of my good friend Dr. Gilmore of the National Museum, I am sending you under separate cover a copy of my pamphlet describing the discoveries of the Doheny Scientific Expedition to the Hava Supai Canyon – as you will see, Dr. Gilmore was one of the valued members of our expedition.
The copy I am sending you is a reissue of the original pamphlet and contains some new material which I trust you will find interesting.
May I extend to you my sincerest compliments on your wonderful book the “Lost Continent of Mu”? I have not read anything in years that has so thrilled me and broadened my vision of the fascinating prehistoric past.
I note you have used dinosaur and elephant picture and I am pleased with the comments you make regarding them – In return I have taken the liberty of quoting you in my text. I have had some correspondence with Wm. Niven and find you(r) account of his buried cities intensely interesting.
I am in accord with your views on the Theory of Evolution, and while in no sense an orthodox religionist, yet I find many confirmations of the statements made in the Book of Genesis – Those ancients knew what they were talking about and meant what they said-
Your account of the Earth as translated from the Naacal Tablets interests me more than a little – I am beginning to get confirmation of this from several sources and predict before long it will be accepted as a scientific fact – It accounts for many things which cannot be explained in any other way.
If you ever come to California it would give me great pleasure to meet you and talk over some of these interesting things

Very sincerely Yours
Sam’l Hubbard

(a scan of the original plus other correspondence is available at the Bookstore under the title, “Lost Gems of the Lost Continent of Mu

The expedition report, “The Doheny scientific expedition to the Hava Supai Canyon, Northern Arizona, October and November, 1924,” is available online at multiple websites.

From James’ obituary in the Oakland Tribune (January 8, 1936):
“Announcement of funeral plans were made here today by Samuel Hubbard, curator of the Oakland Museum, close friend of the author. Hubbard was en route to Los Angeles last Saturday when he learned of the latter’s death.”

–continued with William Niven—

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