The ‘Negroes’ Migration from Mu to Africa (according to James Churchward)

Readers of the blog may remember previous postings about the Amazonian Sea and the supposed migration of ‘Negros’ and ‘Negroid’ people from Mu to Atlantis and on to Africa. In summary, James wrote the ‘Negroes’ transited the Amazonian Sea (never settling in the Americas) to land in Atlantis and then finally journeying on to Africa.

Colorized map seen by Churchward in Tibetan monastery – with closeup on Amazonian Sea

Curiously, he wrote in the Children of Mu (page 101):

As is shown by various documents, Atlantis had a colored population in the south…

From “Children of Mu” page 99

I have never able to find these documents speaking of Atlantis having a ‘colored population in the south,’ until now.

In his recent posting, entitled,”The 1911 Controversy Over Whether a “White” Atlantis Civilized Black Africans,” Jason Colavito visited the work of Dr. Leo Frobenius, a German ethnologist who related his theories of ‘Atlantis in Africa.’ While not calling for the genocide of Africa’s population as others had during his day, he still firmly believed in the inferiority of the inhabitants and the superiority of his own (white) race. There are links to Frobenius’ works and media coverage in the linked article.

From “Children of Mu” page 81

While Frobenius’ theories do not explicitly backup James Churchward’s assertion, it is close enough to be one of the documents he cites to state his migration theory.

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2 responses to “The ‘Negroes’ Migration from Mu to Africa (according to James Churchward)

  1. It seems rather simplistic that a continent of people would for some unknown reason, bypass a continent to forge ahead to a yet unknown second continent.
    If we look at Central America, we see the Olmec who had a diversity of racial heritage including Negroid, Asia and Indigenous peoples.
    Based on the research, it seems plausible that the migrants of Mu included, at least, dark skinned folk that moved to Mu and perhaps on to Atlantis.
    Reference my book; Anthrogenesis, The Study of Humanity’s Ancient Origins, Spirituality and Mythology by Janet Hizar Hansford, Ph.D.

    • We are in agreement, it would seem the migrants from Mu might not skip the Americas and sail onto Atlantis, etc.
      OTOH, James was very explicit in the Children of Mu (page 101):
      “I have never come across any documents showing that any Negroes were known in Central and North America.”