Update on the Research for October 2009

This past year has been busy with construction of the new James Churchward Research Institute and some new developments.
First, the construction and cleanup up of our expanded facilities is almost complete. The James Churchward Research Institute will not be open to the public, please continue to send your questions, comments and suggestions via email to info@my-mu.com.

Our first research volume has been completed. “Lifting the Veil On the Lost Continent of Mu Motherland of Man; Intellectual Foddder for Further Controversy” has the entire 1926 book included with new notes throughout the text, two appendices covering the people and written works referenced in the text, as well as an index. As yet, we have yet to find a publisher, so if anyone is interested, just drop us a line.

I wanted to pass along that I have yet to hear back from anyone concerning the alleged photographs of James Churchward’s daughters nor have I received any substantial new information concerning the ‘Great Uighur Empire’ as described by my great-grandfather.

I was amazed when I recently looked into my collection of James’ papers and discovered another book by Joseph Cserep. The name of the new tome is “UNDE SINT ORTII MEDI PANNONII, PHOENICES, ETRUSCI DE PRIMORDIIS MADYARORUM.” This one has not been translated from the Latin, so when time and funds permit, we’ll see what can be done to bring more of Dr. Cserep’s insights to the world.

There are two letters from Dr. Cserep to James Churchward available the bookstore. The titles are “Ancient Medes as Ancestors of the Magyars of Europe” and “America as the Prehistoric Cradle of the Caucasian Race.” These are scanned from the originals and include James’ notes in the margins.

In the coming year, without all the renovations to oversee, I look forward to a new website and much more additional content to describe the life of James Churchward and his theories of a lost Pacific Ocean continent that he named “Mu”.

Have a great day,
Jack Churchward
Clearwater, Florida

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