Another Submerged Civilization Rises

In a posting from April of last year entitled, “James Churchward’s Western India Discovery?,” I made mention of the discovery off the western coast of India of a 14 km wall and how it might be correlated to observations that James made in his 1932 book, ‘Children of Mu.’

Another recent news report indicates the discovery of yet another submerged wall, this one being 24 km long and it has been dated to 8,000 years old. In “A civilisation as old as Indus valley?,” the researchers have dated the wall on the basis of sea level mapping. A slideshow entitled, “Photos: 8000-year-old advanced civilisation in Konkan Coast?” shows the location and unless the ‘photos’ are photoshopped, the structures are visible in Google maps.

This is another example to indicate that James Churchward and what he wrote can’t be dismissed out of hand. These articles point to enormous stone structures from an unknown civilization that either had help from Ancient Aliens or they figured out how to organize the logistics for an enormous civil works project (24 km X 3m X 3m.) While the first is an intriguing thought, the latter, if true shows that an ‘advanced’ (if organizational and logistical skills count) civilization existed 8,000 years ago.

Wasn’t that what James wrote about?

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