Old Map – New Interpretation (?)

Recently I was sent a link to a website entitled, “Map of the Creator.” The link was sent along by a friend from Elle Ayat, the Central Asian healing system pioneered by an ethnic Uighur gentleman named Abdullaev Farhata Muhamedovicha (or Farhata) born in Aksu in 1937.

Abdullaev Farhata Muhamedovicha (or Farhata-ata), Founder of Elle Ayat

He has since passed on and I believe that he was selected by his Uyghur heritage – his genetics permitted him to access information that harkens back to the Great Uighur Empire. There is a mantra to chant that he purports changes consciousness, not just the person reciting the mantra, but others that he/she is connected with. My visit with Radik Kurbanov (October 2010) was described in the My-Mu.com podcast #23 and the mantra can be heard in the podcast. A followup was covered in this blog posting from early 2011.

The website includes two Pravda articles to say that the 3-D map is 120 million years old and that there was some form of writing on the enormous slabs. Originally it was thought that the inscription was Chinese, however closer examination indicates that is not the case.

So, is the ‘Map of the Creator’ proof positive that there was an ancient and formally unknown civilization in Central Asia?
Are the unidentified inscriptions similar to anything that James Churchward wrote about and described?
Is this map from the Great Uighur Empire as described by James Churchward?

I’ll leave these questions for others to answer, but I would like to interject with some further thoughts.
1. James Churchward’s theories include the hypothesis that the mountains were not raised until ten to twelve thousand (10,000 – 12,000) years ago. How could a map be made of mountains before they were raised?
2. If these maps are left behind from the cataclysm that destroyed the eastern half of the Great Uighur Empire, the inscriptions should resemble what James called ‘Uighur-Maya’ writing. According to James, all the people that left Mu in the peopling of the rest of the Earth were called ‘Maya’ and ‘Uighur-Maya’ denotes those individuals that traveled to Asia and formed Mu’s Primary Colony, the Great Uighur Empire.

More information about the Great Uighur Empire is available on the My-Mu.com website. The direct link to the page is here.

Have a great day.

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