Update to ‘Relics of Mu’ Podcast

In a March 2007 podcast, I posted the latest information about one of the few relics from James Churchward’s book on the Lost Continent of Mu.

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James described it in the 1931 Lost Continent of Mu as follows:

A Relic from Mu
“This is believed to be the oldest jar ever uncovered. It is made of bronze, inlaid with gold symbols, and was taken from one of Mu’s submerged cities. It is estimated to be over 12,500 years old.”

In that podcast, it was related that the vessel had surfaced and been evaluated by a member of the staff at the British Museum. It was identified as late 18th to early 19th century from India, however the inscription was not translated.

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I recently received an email from Alexander Voronin, President of the Russian Society on Studying of Problems of Atlantis with the translation. According to his colleague, Willie Melnikov, the inscription (in the Gudgarati language) reads:

Master Nedge did for all.

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Jack Churchward

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