Pyramid Discovery Dated to the Time of the Dinosaurs

In an article from the Pakistan Observer entitled, “World’s oldest pyramid found in Crimea“, Ukrainian scientist Vitalii Goh has announced the discovery of a buried pyramid 45 metres tall and 72 metres on a side. It is purported to be hollow inside and have a mummified ‘unknown creature’ buried under the foundation with a crown on his head. The article says that the structure was built during the time of the dinosaurs.

With only three short paragraphs, the data is incomplete and doesn’t provide the location, but such a discovery does jibe with my great-grandfather’s theories. For instance, James includes a picture of a petroglyph that appears to resemble a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the 1926 Lost Continent of Mu Motherland of Men (shown below.)

There is still much to be reported on this discovery, but it just may be the proof that shows we really do have a forgotten past or it may be just the latest hoax.

Have a great day,
Jack Churchward
Clearwater, Florida

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