Another Mu Stone…

As I mentioned in the Facebook Live Broadcast on December 20, 2016, Chris Niven, great-grandson of William Niven generously provided me with my own ‘Mu Stone.’
Unfortunately, the carved symbol was not very recognizable. Below is an attempt to outline the symbol.

Mu Stone without symbol outline

Mu Stone with symbol outlined

Only Symbol Outline

If anyone wishes to guess (or authoritatively state and backup with corroborating evidence) the identity of what the symbol represents, please provide feedback in the comments.

Live Broadcast – The Stone Tablets of Mu – 20Dec16


Links to images of William Niven Tablets from the Peabody Museum at Harvard:

Jeb Card and the Mu Stones Pt I on the ArchyFantasies Podcast.

Here are recently obtained images of Niven’s tablets from the Valley of Mexico:

An outline of the symbol on the Mu Stone shown in the video is here.

The video:

Announcement: Live Broadcast on The Stone Tablets of Mu – 20Dec16 8PM EST

There will be a Live Facebook broadcast on December 20, 2016 at 8PM EST on The Stone Tablets of Mu

Listen to a brief background description and update on the research – followed by your questions.

Hope to see you there!