More “Mu Stones” Surface

This week another sighting of the ‘Mu Stones’ was discovered on social media.
The so-called ‘Mu Stones’ were discovered by William Niven in the Valley of Mexico in the 1910s. They are an unique collection of carved rocks in all sizes, shapes, and consistencies. One person offering to translate the ‘tablets’ was my great-grandfather, James Churchward. In James’ 1926, Lost Continent of Mu Motherland of Men, there was an entire chapter on Niven’s Ancient Buried cities (plagiarized from the newspaper,) images of three tablets and one was interpreted, in the 1931 Lost Continent of Mu (a basic re-write of the 1926 book,) there were at least 69 images shown and translated from the Naacal symbols James had seen in India. The 1931 Children of Mu showed Niven as one of his ‘three best friends.’
I have yet to look through my notes to ascertain the corresponding number, any suggestions as to the meaning or identification of the symbols is welcomed.
The owner’s name remains private.

The remainder next week…

Past Sightings and Discussions

The Search Continues for William Niven’s Buried Cities; Parts 1-4

Links to images of William Niven Tablets from the Peabody Museum at Harvard:

Jeb Card and the Mu Stones Pt I on the ArchyFantasies Podcast.

Here are recently obtained images of Niven’s tablets from the Valley of Mexico:

An outline of the symbol on the Mu Stone shown in the video is here.

The video:

The Naacal Tablets – A Close View

Free Offer!

Not a hoax.
Today, due to the misfortune of another author, I discovered a website offering free downloads of my book. While the book is definitely not a best-seller and the royalties have yet to allow me to even think about quitting my day job, it is the principle causing me to guard my intellectual property rights. I have written the contact address of the website ( requesting the immediate removal of my intellectual property.

I will provide a free signed copy of my book, Lifting the Veil on the Lost Continent of Mu Motherland of Men, to the first person sending an email to me with the link to any other website illegally offering my book for sale, for free viewing , or any other use not consistent with applicable copyright laws.

Thank you for your time and attention,
Jack Churchward

And A King Mu…

Dae Mu-ye (aka King Mu,) was the second king of the Balhae state from 718 – 737 CE. Although claimed by the Chinese as a Chinese state, Balhae was established by former Goguryeo general Dae Jo-yeong (father of Dae Mu-ye) after defeating the Tang forces at Tianmenling in 698 CE. Goguryeo was a Korean kingdom from 37 BCE to 668 CE and the shortened form of the name, Goryeo, is where the English, Korea, comes from.

9th century Northeast Asia

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