Another Ancient Symbol Could Point to Mu

Recently, I posted news about the discovery of what could be the oldest petroglyphs in the US. The interesting point was that symbols found on those enormous boulders coincided with those discussed by James Churchward in “Sacred Symbols of Mu.”

The symbol identified as #40 (shown below) was shown on page 204 of Sacred Symbols of Mu.
The symbol on the boulder is shown below.

Reading a recent article about the Bosnian Pyramids, I was struck by the similarity between the symbol in Nevada and a symbol, described as a “Paleo-Sanskrit glyph,” discovered in a field near the Pyramid of the Sun in the Visoko Valley of Bosnia (see below.) According to the article the translation of the glyph is “Workings, workings… of the highest”


The article’s author, Alex Putney, postulates that there is a further connection with another site:

The specific geometric pattern of lines cast in low relief on this synthetic sandstone block are also embedded in an Atlantean limestone statue from Caria, Italy of a woman holding a plant, identifying the beneficial influence of planetary infrasound resonance focused onto those specific locations by the Great Pyramid.

Putney attributes the Paleo-Sanskrit glyphs to an advanced Atlantean civilization capable of creating synthetic sandstone, manipulate natural phenomena with sound, and other almost magic-like abilities. According to the article, the Paleo-Sanskrit glyphs have also been found in Illinois.

Placing the data in the context of my great-grandfather’s theories, which postulated that the Garden of Eden was not in the Middle East, but on a now sunken Pacific Ocean continent known as Mu. Everyone came from Mu, according to James, some headed west and others headed east. The people that headed east either populated the Americas or sailed through the Amazonian Sea and on to Atlantis, Europe, or Africa. One could extrapolate that survivors from the cataclysm or real smart folks who saw it coming actually did reach Europe and continued portions of their sciences until the knowledge was lost.

I wonder if they are related to the ‘Den Men of Nebraska‘ since parts of Nebraska are between Illinois and Nevada and they shared similar symbols.

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