Can Wicked Wikipedia Editors Change Our History (Part 2)

In an earlier blog posting, I reported on recent edits to the English-language Wikipedia entry for Clovis culture and more specifically, the sub-section entitled, “Genetic Studies” that

virtually ruled out any close affinity with European sources (the so-called “Solutrean hypothesis”).

Those editors/wordsmiths without an axe to grind have managed to bring sanity back (at least for a while,) by adding the following:

Mitochondrial DNA analysis has found that members of some native North American tribes have a maternal ancestry (called haplogroup X) linked to the maternal ancestors of some present day individuals in western Asia and Europe, albeit distantly, and has also provided some support for pre-Clovis models. More specifically, a variant of mitochondrial DNA called X2a found in many Native Americans has been traced to western Eurasia, while not being found in eastern Eurasia.

So, the next time you look to wikipedia or any source on the internet, dig a little deeper and make sure that the editor of the article or webpage does not have an agenda they are pursuing without regard for the truth. Just because they can revise articles and create webpages does not mean that they are correct.

Have a great day.

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