Can Wicked Wikipedia Editors Change Our History?

Misdirection is probably a better term.
There had been a debate about whether or not there were European people inhabiting the Americas (the Solutrean hypothesis) in ancient times and apparently an editor on Wikpedia has solved the debate on this evidence from a recent study reported in BBC News Online.

From Wikipedia, captured at 20:23 on February 14, 2014. Note the last sentence

From Wikipedia, captured at 20:23 on February 14, 2014.

The last two sentences of the wikipedia article reads:

Comparisons showed strong affinities with DNA from Siberian sites, and virtually ruled out any close affinity with European sources (the so-called “Solutrean hypothesis”). The DNA also showed strong affinities with all existing Native American populations, which indicated that all of them derive from an ancient population that lived in or near Siberia, the Upper Palaeolithic Mal’ta population

So, there is no European ‘affinities,’ but Native American populations are all linked to Siberia. I guess this seals the deal, closes the book, ends the debate, but let’s not be so hasty.

Digging a little deeper in the reference article, we discover that the DNA discovered in Montana was closely related to the Clovis people and was 12,500 years old. In fact, the article does mention that most of the DNA points back at Siberia as the source.

That’s not the final word on the subject.

A blog posting entitled, Another Twist in the Current Paradigm, referenced the findings of DNA results from a 24,000 year old Siberia boy (Mal’ta population,) that showed no clear affinities with eastern Asians such as Chinese, Korean, or Japanese, however:

They suggest about a third of Native American ancestry came from an ancient population related to Europeans.

So, the ‘latest findings’ indicate that Native Americans came from the Mal’ta people of Siberia and have nothing to do with Europeans, but DNA analysis from the Mal’ta people of Siberia 11,500 years earlier indicates European presence. This is the type of data used to silence the debate about Solutrean peoples having a stake in ancient America; a debate that allows the true history of the Americas to remain in the ground due to laws that prevent the study of any ancient peoples due to politically correct sensibilities.

I do not ask, request, or encourage anyone to engage in an editing war to set the record straight, or claim our rightful heritage, or whatever button got pushed. Every time someone puts a theory down on paper, you can be sure that it will be old and outdated very soon thereafter.

Have a great day.

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