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About “My Friend Churchey and His Sunken Island of Mu”

In 2006, I sat down with Dick Lowdermilk to discuss the recent release of My Friend Churchey and His Sunken Island of Mu.

The original manuscript is a biography of James Churchward, written by close friend Percy Tate Griffith (1876-1950,) after James passed away in 1936. The document is mentioned in Peter Tompkins’ Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids (page 365) as being fourteen chapters long, but when he saw it, only six chapters remained.

I had met with Griffith’s daughter, Joan, at her Central Florida home a few years earlier where she handed me the complete copy of My Friend Churchey, all fourteen chapters. She mentioned it was her desire to transcribe the text to bring the language up-to-date and publish it. I asked her permission to put up a copy of the table of contents and the first chapter, which she agreed. Eventually, she completed the project and sold the rights to Dick Lowdermilk. Shortly after the interview with Lowdermilk, I added ordering information to the webpages.

Joan Griffith’s rewrite was not faithful to the original version. The modifications were not to just “bring the language up-to-date.” The later chapters completely changed the narrative tediously typed out by her father.

In 2020, the original My Friend Churchey and His Sunken Island of Mu manuscript entered the public domain, seventy years after the passing of Mr. Griffith.

In 2023, The Original My Friend Churchey and His Sunken Island of Mu is being published. This version is not a rewrite or a transcript. The book contains copies of the original typewritten pages.

On October 16, 2023 The Original My Friend Churchey and His Sunken Island of Mu goes on sale. Pre-order your copy now.
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1928 Letter from American Anthropological Society to James Churchward

The following letter, written in 1928 is/was contained in one of James Churchward’s scrapbooks from the American Anthropology Society.
Please note the American Anthropology Society is completely different from the American Anthropological Association

A 1929 Review of “The Lost Continent of Mu Motherland of Men”

The following four pages are from one of James Churchward’s scrapbook and feature a review of his 1926 book Lost Continent of Mu Motherland of Men.