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New Zealand Quake Recalls Cataclysm Of ‘Lost Continent’ Mu

Another article from James Churchward’s scrapbooks…

Los Angeles Herald Feb. 5th 1931
New Zealand Quake Recalls Cataclysm Of ‘Lost Continent’ Mu

Through the ages, restless South Seas lands have suffered from cataclysmic outbursts of Nature, as North Island of New Zealand is suffering from devastation by an earthquake. At Napier, pictured above, Bluff Hill slid into the harbor, shown in the background, then the bottom of the harbor arose and the steamers’ anchorage pool, ‘The Ironpot,’ turned upside down and became an island.

New Zealand lies just south of location of the supposed “lost continent” Mu, as shown in this theoretical map. Some scientists believe that great volcanic upheavals sank Mu in the long ago, leaving only peaks which are the islands of Hawaii, the Ladrones, the Fiji isles and others. They think that Mu served as a ‘land bridge’ across the Pacific, for tablets found on the islands resemble Egyptian cuneiform writing and the ruins resembled architecture of the ancient Mayans.
This picture shows a typical scene in an earth disturbance and volcanic eruption in a southern land. Such a disaster is believed to have occurred in the sinking of Mu with its ancient civilization. History repeated itself in part when the earthquake struck North island of New Zealand, a place of rumbling volcanoes, thermic lands and buried fires, and laid two cities in ruin.

My Email Exchange With Dr. Johnny Delirious Part 2

Continued from Part 1

After the first post was published, I became aware the “Draco” alien in the second video is copied from a website named “Deviant Art” and can be seen at this link. The artist, Thomas Hauser, named his creation “Carnomoloch Warrior.”

After the first three emails came the fourth.

I thought I would send you more proof. This is me with my two helpers at the BioMed Expo and Alien Event seminar in Las Vegas September 15th. You can see the jade artifacts I had on display on my table. One I already showed you and the others I have attached some pictures for a closer look.
Lets talk if you want to know more,

Then came the 5th email.

Thank you for writing back. The artifacts all come from the same place, a dried up lake bed that over 15,000 years ago I believe was an outpost of the continent of Mu. I gathered all my information from studying the pieces themselves and shared with you some of my conclusions. I knew nothing about you or your great grandfather’s work until earlier this week. So I emailed you right away thinking about the time period was close to this culture of Mu. Frankly I thought you would like to know. I just started reading “Lifting the veil ……” I also have been writing a book on this and thought you might be interested in writing the Forward or Introduction to my book. This way you could set the record straight from “get go” so to speak. I just thought I would give you the opportunity to say in first pages “this has nothing to do with my great grandfather’s findings etc. etc.” If you do write about this in a blog, please send me a link. By the way I graduated from the University of West Florida so I believe we have some common ground. Please comment on the above
Dr. Johnny

Email #6 with a link to a Tibetan pecha library was sent.

Then, rather than continue the charade, I responded.

A little bit of background checking might have provided a bit more information about me.
As I mention on my webpage “About My-Mu” ( my research is (and was) not a continuation of my great-grandfather’s work.
Although I do not have a degree in archaeology, I do understand plate tectonics, physics, and the basic proof necessary to substantiate archaeological discoveries.

Tomorrow just so happens to be the release date for “The Original My Friend Churchey and His Sunken Island of Mu.” The original biography of my great-grandfather written by a close friend in 1937.
In the later chapters he relates conversations he had with James noting that James admits to making up his stories about the “lost continent of Mu” (i.e., the Nacaal Tablets, etc.)

Since I started my research over ten years ago, I have spoken with folks seen every week on TV and many of them have told me how rich I can become if I just flip my script and become an expert on my great-grandfather’s theories. I ask each one of them if I can buy back my integrity or honor after I do that – but you probably know the answer.

As far as the ‘evidence’ presented in your previous emails:
1. A single sheet from a Spanish language C-14 dating form is hardly proof the ‘artifacts’ displayed are that old (or genuine.)
2. The ‘artifacts’ are unknown in the historical record and have nothing in common with real artifact discoveries.
3. While some of these ‘artifacts’ could be deemed decorative or religious items, you have produced nothing indicating human habitation. Were this an outpost of Mu, along with the statues, there should have been other evidence indicating humans lived there; i.e., refuse pits or mounds, eating utensils, shelters, etc.

Here is the link to the first blog posting:

Have a great day,
J. Churchward

Here is the response in the 7th email:

I did not show the other pages because I have to keep my sources confidential (by their request)
I will share more later as well as in the AlienEvent in April
Thank you for writing back
Dr. Johnny
Sent from my iPhone

I do not believe I will receive another email, but just in case – I’ll be standing by for Part 3

Have a great day,
J. Churchward

My Email Exchange With Dr. Johnny Delirious Part 1

Earlier, I received an email from someone identifying themself as “Dr. Johnny Delirious.”

I thought I would contact you because of your and your grandfather’s work. These past two years I have available exclusively to me many jade, gold and crystal artifacts that many are carbon 14 testing by a university to be between 18,000 and 29,000 years old. I am nearly certain they are from the continent of Mu and some have energy power. We have space craft large and small, rocks that float etc.
I displayed some of the pieces at the Alien Event and spoke at the BioMed Expo all taking place in the same venue in Las Vegas this past weekend September 16th. All the pieces, jade artifacts, crystal skulls and craft are going to be part of my university history college for intensive study.
I put meters on and some show RF but no electricity and many other anomalies. Some ships have radiation and I am leaving those buried and putting those off for a rainy day. We have an unlimited amount of these artifacts. I am convinced that some of the artifacts have healing powers. I am not sure if this email reaches you or if you are interested in my research, but I could send pictures and videos if you want a closer look.

I responded:

Thank you for your email.
Of course I am interested in substantial evidence that can be dated.
Please send the pictures, videos and any lab reports from the radio-carbon dating.

Next, I received an email announcing a separate email would be sent.

The third email read:

Jack, Please allow me to show you a few samples. One of these pieces was dated about 19,000 years old and I show ONLY one page of that report. I will share more later of course if you have an interest, but here are a couple of pics and video. Let me know if you have an interest. See attachments
First a few pointers that I learned from these 100s of pieces I have been studying is Mu was the mother culture that built pyramids all over the Earth to keep the planet in harmony and the Aztec/Maya calendar came from them 100s of thousands of years ago. Another point that I learned is the jaguar was sacred in Lemuria culture because it has no predator. Also, in their culture a boy became a man once he captured a gator/croc very much like the Minoians/Early Greek/Italy in Mediterranean cultures the rite of passage into manhood was capturing the bull. In Mu, the ruling race I found was olive skinned but they were a multi galactic and multi racial society/culture; people lived in peace and harmony worldwide until later when Atlantis grew and absorbed Mu and then followed the dark side and of course then the destruction and the rest is history. But no body until now, can show anything about Mu. I just bought your book Lifting the Veil on the Lost Culture. This as well as your great grandfather’s work is all new to me. But maybe we can collaborate. Two heads are better than one. Like the cuneiform clay tablets showing the documentation, my proof with the artifacts is undeniable. Yes, it is in Mexico, but it is more on the west side and totally different from all the other pieces in Mexico. I have personally seen over 50 crystal skulls and hundreds of pieces similar to the attached here that all come from the same place and I believe the same culture of Mu. Oh, and by the way, every one of them look brand new like it came out of a box from Tiffany’s; yet we dug them up from a dry lake bed and they test between 17,000 and 25,000 year old. Let me know what you think of my analysis.
In the best of health for you, Dr. Johnny

Not to be contrary, but the name of my first book is “Lifting the Veil on the Lost Continent of Mu Motherland of Men.”

I performed a Google Image Search to ascertain if these were images copied off the internet and sent along as a joke. I did not see the emailed photos.

Before the next email arrived, I did a quick search on “dr. johnny delirious” on YouTube to see what popped up – the following is from the Alien Event mentioned earlier:

btw, there is another video featuring Dr Johnny speaking about his abduction and “his opportunity to enter the Group Mind of the Greys to develop the Master Survivor Program…”

The next email is covered in part 2