Cocaine mummies…

Recently, I appeared with Mark Eddy and Barbara DeLong from the Night-Light / Spiritually Speaking radio show. Interview link.

In one of the questions, Mark asked about evidence indicating ancient Old World trade contacts with the New World. Specifically, why did ancient Egyptian mummies check positive for cocaine (and tobacco.) I said something about maybe it was a different, now extinct, plant with the same chemical signature. I also pointed to the lack of the discovery of facilities in South America to effect this trade. Obviously, the question caught me off-guard as this was never discussed in my great-grandfather’s works. Although James wrote about the diffusion of Mu’s culture and civilization, he never brought up the subject of cocaine.

So, the answer to the question required further research on my part. Although links to materials assigning the traces of cocaine as proof of trans-Atlantic commerce, it is not an accepted fact among the scientific community.

In New World Drugs in Old World Mummies?, Carl Feagans, a professional archaeologist discusses the subject. Rather than jumping to the conclusion he is against such a theory because he is a ‘professional archaeologist, interested individuals should read the article. According to Carl, “This would be a wonderful and certainly newsworthy discovery if true!”

Unfortunately, there are other factors indicating the Egyptians didn’t sail to the new world. First, the ancient Egyptians didn’t write about it. Not only that, their vessels were ill-prepared for months long oceanic voyages.

I encourage readers to read the article and make up their own minds as to the veracity of the claim.

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