Hate Mail?

My research has always been about reaching the truth about my great-grandfather’s theories. As I note on the ‘About My-Mu page,’ I don’t receive any royalties from the sales of his books. In my spare time over the past ten years, I have created podcasts and added information to the My-Mu.com website.

Then comes the hate mail/comments.

I am guessing to some people, the truth is irrelevant. They would rather remain oblivious to the truth and say nasty things to make themselves feel better.

It is not a new phenomena, it has been around for years.

I would like to make it clear that if you do not like the conclusions I reach, have your little tantrum. Unfriend me, denigrate me and my research, or whatever.
It will not change the content of my research. I am not like the theorists who manufacture ‘click bait,’ and say whatever bs they think will get them on a cable TV show or sell more books.

Integrity is more important.

Have a great day.

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