James Churchward, Mu, and Australia

Recently, I became aware of a suggested link between the ‘Gosford Glyphs‘ (aka as the ‘Kariong Hieroglyphs’) in Kariong, New South Wales, Australia and the theory of the Lost Continent of Mu as described and written about by my great grandfather, James Churchward in his books.

The carvings appear on two parallel sandstone walls about 49 feet (15 m) long and appear to advance Churchward’s theory of Mu.
In particular, the highlighted carving in the following image has been interpreted as “Mu is sunk.”

Gosford Glyphs – “Mu is sunk”

A proponent of the theory published his interpretation as follows:

“Mu is sunk” carving interpretation

Unfortunately, in the 1926 ‘Lost Continent of Mu Motherland of Men,’ James wrote:

AUSTRALIA.—Australia appears to be particularly bare of ancient records, legends and traditions, which is not to be wondered at if my geological deductions about Australia are correct.
Geometrical figures have been found rudely carved on some of the boomerangs of the Northern tribes. The bushmen of Northern Australia are probably the lowest type of humanity on earth, lower than the ordinary forest beasts.
This sketch is a reproduction of an Australian cave painting which, without doubt, antedates their low savagery.
There are three remarkable objects in this painting: the first is Ra – the Sun – and the second is the numeral 3, symbol of Mu, shown twice, and the third is an axe.
When the English first settled in Australia, axes of any description were unknown to the savage natives.

Hands, Feet and Weapons Printed in Colors on the Walls of an Australian Cave

I have never heard of any legends or traditions having been found among the native Australians…
Lost Continent of Mu Motherland of Men pages 79-81

Obviously, James did not have a very high opinion of the Australian aborigines which flies in the face of his ancient advanced civilization of Mu. Since everyone came from his lost continent and there was no evolution of the human species, where did the bushmen, the “lowest type of humanity on earth, lower than the ordinary forest beasts” come from? His description of Mu as a virtual paradise with no suffering would have chased the forebears of these people into the woods to die, as he explains concerning the discovery of Neanderthal and other remains.

In their excitement over the discovery of a few old human bones, such as the Neanderthal, Piltdown, and Heidelberg man, scientists, in both Europe and America, have completely ignored and cast aside the remains of ancient man in North America. That the European remains were those of idiots and degenerates is obvious from the abnormal shapes of their skulls. Doubtless they were outcasts from civilized communities…
Lost Continent of Mu Motherland of Men, page 171.

In spite of evidence the carvings were created in the twentieth century, there are individuals insisting these are proof of a link between Egypt, Australia, and Mu. My only remaining question would be, how do they interpret the symbol to the left of the ‘Mu is sunk’ carving highlighted in the image below?

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2 responses to “James Churchward, Mu, and Australia

  1. Mu sank because it was horny?

    You’d have thought some of these ‘advanced civilizations’ like Mu, Atlantis, Lemuria and such would have bothered to teach all those ‘lesser’ humans a few skills if for no other reason than they would have made a good workforce.

  2. The fertility worship, and the practice of procreation has been widespread for all lasting civilizations. We are the proof. Everyone draws phallic art at one time or another. I find this amusing. I’m an observer of human nature and student of all things, I’m not surprised people today still hold some behaviors of people then.

    My theory is that Lemuria saw the end of its days truly being used as a “land bridge”. It may have held a great civilization of people at one time, but that came to an end after farther reaching tribes discovered routes to newer lands. Conflict between longstanding civilizations holding drastically different beliefs, either by divisive teachings or personal observations, is a very common and natural occurrence. It likely wasn’t the cataclysmic event of Lemuria’s destruction that caused cultures to begin warring against others. My observations and feeling is that Lemuria was laid to waste through the developing constant conflict at the time among nomadic peoples. This is a contrary theory to the consensus, but what we want to believe isn’t always supported by physical or behavioral evidence.

    The discovery of large trigonal crystal systems and trusses beneath regions of the pacific (discoveries made by Rand Corporation tunneling projects) suggest that an ancient civilization had knowledge of chemical reactions and super-heating resources to form building materials from the environment around them. There’s certainly enough silicon dioxide throughout the land. Modern technology is just now getting back into the practice of large-scale 3D printed construction. We’ve highly complicated the procedure with the use of computers and programs, but the concept of crystal truss formation is quite simple given a hot enough furnace, blower and a cache of appropriate minerals to break down for recombination. Lemuria may have had an under-structure that was man-made and destroyed. It would be fascinating to discover if that’s true, and whether its destruction was caused by a natural cataclysmic occurrence or destroyed by its creators to separate warring parties. It seems like an awful waste of time and effort though; another longstanding behavior modern humankind shares with their ancestors.