Megalithic Monuments of MalibU…

In 1985, Robert Stanley discovered what he believed to be ancient ruins. On his hiking ventures through the Santa Monica Mountains he also saw odd, unnatural rock formations (see Megalithic Monuments of Malibu.)

There are other California sites with Mu or Lemuria connections. Mount Shasta has been linked to Mu for decades. For instance, symbols in books by James Churchward appear in petroglyphs from Castle Craig. And who can forget Abraham J. Mansfield, Keeper of the Plates of Time? The Rosicrucian book, Lemuria The Lost Continent of the Pacific, implies the western half of California are the remains of the continent of Lemuria/Mu. However, none of these other sites have the “Sphinx of Malibu” or the enormous carved heads of Brahma and the Buddha.

The Sphinx of MalibU

Through his research, Stanley discovered the ancient Chumash legend of the First People. They lived in the mountains long before the arrival of the Chumash in 3000 BCE. Most amazingly, the First People came from a civilization called Mu. A catastrophic flood wiped out the continent and people, according to the Chumash legend. In 1993, Stanley was guiding tours to the site under the name of Mystic Mountain Expeditions of Manhattan Beach.

In looking for further information on Chumash history, I came across a Chumash webpage plainly stating “we called ourselves the first people.” My first thought is to allow people to define themselves. Hikers speaking with unnamed experts and rewriting someone else’s history is a non-starter for me.

Obviously, the story of the “Megalithic Monuments of MalibU” is just another cheap rip-off of my great-grandfather’s theories. A familiar-to-some tale sparking a hint of recognition and concurrence. The tale falls apart immediately under critical examination.

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