My Email Exchange With Dr. Johnny Delirious Part 2

Continued from Part 1

After the first post was published, I became aware the “Draco” alien in the second video is copied from a website named “Deviant Art” and can be seen at this link. The artist, Thomas Hauser, named his creation “Carnomoloch Warrior.”

After the first three emails came the fourth.

I thought I would send you more proof. This is me with my two helpers at the BioMed Expo and Alien Event seminar in Las Vegas September 15th. You can see the jade artifacts I had on display on my table. One I already showed you and the others I have attached some pictures for a closer look.
Lets talk if you want to know more,

Then came the 5th email.

Thank you for writing back. The artifacts all come from the same place, a dried up lake bed that over 15,000 years ago I believe was an outpost of the continent of Mu. I gathered all my information from studying the pieces themselves and shared with you some of my conclusions. I knew nothing about you or your great grandfather’s work until earlier this week. So I emailed you right away thinking about the time period was close to this culture of Mu. Frankly I thought you would like to know. I just started reading “Lifting the veil ……” I also have been writing a book on this and thought you might be interested in writing the Forward or Introduction to my book. This way you could set the record straight from “get go” so to speak. I just thought I would give you the opportunity to say in first pages “this has nothing to do with my great grandfather’s findings etc. etc.” If you do write about this in a blog, please send me a link. By the way I graduated from the University of West Florida so I believe we have some common ground. Please comment on the above
Dr. Johnny

Email #6 with a link to a Tibetan pecha library was sent.

Then, rather than continue the charade, I responded.

A little bit of background checking might have provided a bit more information about me.
As I mention on my webpage “About My-Mu” ( my research is (and was) not a continuation of my great-grandfather’s work.
Although I do not have a degree in archaeology, I do understand plate tectonics, physics, and the basic proof necessary to substantiate archaeological discoveries.

Tomorrow just so happens to be the release date for “The Original My Friend Churchey and His Sunken Island of Mu.” The original biography of my great-grandfather written by a close friend in 1937.
In the later chapters he relates conversations he had with James noting that James admits to making up his stories about the “lost continent of Mu” (i.e., the Nacaal Tablets, etc.)

Since I started my research over ten years ago, I have spoken with folks seen every week on TV and many of them have told me how rich I can become if I just flip my script and become an expert on my great-grandfather’s theories. I ask each one of them if I can buy back my integrity or honor after I do that – but you probably know the answer.

As far as the ‘evidence’ presented in your previous emails:
1. A single sheet from a Spanish language C-14 dating form is hardly proof the ‘artifacts’ displayed are that old (or genuine.)
2. The ‘artifacts’ are unknown in the historical record and have nothing in common with real artifact discoveries.
3. While some of these ‘artifacts’ could be deemed decorative or religious items, you have produced nothing indicating human habitation. Were this an outpost of Mu, along with the statues, there should have been other evidence indicating humans lived there; i.e., refuse pits or mounds, eating utensils, shelters, etc.

Here is the link to the first blog posting:

Have a great day,
J. Churchward

Here is the response in the 7th email:

I did not show the other pages because I have to keep my sources confidential (by their request)
I will share more later as well as in the AlienEvent in April
Thank you for writing back
Dr. Johnny
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I do not believe I will receive another email, but just in case – I’ll be standing by for Part 3

Have a great day,
J. Churchward

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