October 2007 Update

This past year has been busy. Since our last podcasts were released in Spring of 2007, we have continued to collect data and continue the research.

First, the publication of Podcast # 5 revealed some photos purported to be daughters of James Churchward and we sought to have the young ladies in these photos identified. If you have yet to view these pictures, please check them out in our Blog, in podcast #5, or under Blogs of Note in the Interactive media portion of our website. If these young ladies are related, there may be old, unpublished manuscripts sitting in a box somewhere in the attic.

Second, Podcast #4 presented some purported ancient relics of Mu which turned out not to be as ancient as labeled. Our podcast also called on interested parties with knowledge of any other evidence of the lost continent of Mu to come forward and allow them to be analyzed. That offer is still open.

Third, while there has been a great response to the ‘Great Uighur Empire’ discussion forum and many private emails concerning this subject, we are still asking for any information that substantiates James’ theories of that ‘Great Uighur Empire.’ Please visit our interactive media page for the link to Great Uighur Empire discussion mailing list and tell us what you know.

In the past year we have received court transcriptions of the proceedings where James sued to have his intellectual property rights respected. These were in regard to his contribution to armor-plating that was used on US warships during World War I. These documents illuminate another side of James Churchward and show that he was not just a crackpot with no scientific background. The scanned pdfs are linked from our resources page.

More research has also gone into an expanded and updated version of the 1927 ‘Lost Continent of Mu Motherland of Man’ that will be published in the near future. By correlating the original text with information contained in his scrapbooks and other reference materials, we believe that for the first time in over eighty years new insights into James’ theories are now available. We are undeterred by the knowledge that others have also started to republish James’ works because our versions will contain the full text as well as further information and notes that are unavailable in any other version.

It has been a year that our bookstore has been open, please stop by and have a look.

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