The Great Uighur Empire According to James Churchward

A brief image flashed in a previous podcast episode to announce planning for a conference to be held on the subject of the Great Uighur Empire. This (late) blog entry is another opportunity for interested parties to get involved in the planning and preparation. So far there have been very few emails at for prospective participants to announce their intentions to join in.

Tentatively scheduled to be held in May 2011 in Florida in the Tampa Bay area, the purpose of the conference is to assemble experts and information to discuss James Churchward’s Great Uighur Empire.

We welcome all participants, professional and laymen, to impart their wisdom, understanding, and documented research on any facet of James Churchward’s Great Uighur Empire. Most preferred would be any evidence that substantiates or provides independent corroboration of James’ theories on the Great Uighur Empire.

This is a public appeal for participation – we have attempted to contact individuals identified as researchers into the Great Uighur Empire, however with very little success. If you would like to participate, either as a presenter, as an observer, or you know someone who should be contacted, please send us an email at

Have a great day,
Jack Churchward
Clearwater, Florida

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