Update on Naacal Tablets Discovery (2)

Testing for the validity of the rediscovered Naacal Tablets

An important topic for discussion – what tests should be performed on the newly rediscovered Naacal Tablets when they appear?
I am looking for input on the subject.
Publishing a complete list prior to the Naacal tablets being produced might be counter-productive. Some might say that the test criteria was released in advance so that the discovery could fulfil the requirements, however a list of suggestions of what might be on the list would be beneficial to get the thinking ‘out of the box.’
A list has been started and will be posted (with any suggestions) when the find has been announced and the Naacal Tablets produced.

Also, a list of ‘hard questions to be asked’ is also needed.
For instance, if the civilization in Mu was so advanced that the records speak of flying around in man-made machines, why were the sacred writing of Mu written on clay tablets instead of being etched on metal? Certainly the flying machines were made of metal…

Testing for the validity of the rediscovered Naacal Tablets” is a discussion topic opened in the My-Mu.com Forum for this very purpose.

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