Update on the Rediscovery of the Naacal Tablets (Jan. 2011)


I spoke with Klaus Dona recently via Skype and he pointed out an article, in German, under the title, “Die goldene Tempelbibliothek von Mu (The Golden Temple Library of Mu ).”
In the online Google translation of the article into English, it appears that Thomas Ritter has found the Temple Library that James Churchward wrote about in the Lost Continent of Mu. The article further states that the priests still like to talk about James.

Mr. Dona also mentioned that Mr. Ritter would be returning soon and would pass along my contact information. I hope to have an interview with Mr. Ritter and/or obtain a statement about his discoveries soon thereafter. If these artifacts turn out to be the real Naacal tablets that James wrote about, then his theories will finally be acceptable to mainstream archaeologists, but it has to be asked, who will translate them if the Rishis are gone?

Have a great day,
Jack Churchward

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