Who Was Howard William Keresey ?

With regards to James Churchward, that is an interesting question.

On the first page of the 1927 hand-drawn book, “Books of The Golden Age,” it reads:

This manuscript was written and illustrated for my nephew and adopted son:
Howard William Keresey
who has been my companion and chum, since he was a babe creeping across the room sidewise like a crab going to Ireland 22 years ago. Written and given to him as a mark of appreciation of his consistent goodness through all these years. A boy with little faults but without a vice.
With love and affection I present this to him.
12th July 1927

Howard was the son of Harriet Haier, the daughter of Caroline Haier. Harriet’s sisters were Pauline, Minnie, and Louise.
In 1906, Pauline purchased a multi-family home in Mount Vernon.
Census documents indicate that James Churchward also resided at the same address from 1907 to 1916.

In 1916, Louise H. Churchward purchased seven-plus acres on Lake Wononskopomuc in Lakeville, Connecticut.
As the result of a patent infringement settlement, James collected a great deal of cash.

The 1920 census indicates that Harriet and her son Howard were living in Lakeville with Louise and James Churchward.

In 1922, Louise H. Churchward purchased an additional property in Mount Vernon where they continued to live.

Notice that on James’ tombstone (Kensico, Valhalla, NY), in addition to wife, Louise, there was also place for Louise’s mother Caroline as well as sister Harriet (Howard’s mother.)

These are the things that I learned from my research. Late last year, I availed myself of the opportunity to purchase some of Mr. Keresey’s personal effects that included correspondence and photographs. I have learned a great deal more about him and my great-grandfather that I plan to pass along.

Have a great day.

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