Why All the Sudden Interest in the Great Uighur Empire by the Chinese Government?

On the heels of the release of my latest book, Crossing the Sands of Time: An Examination of the History and Legends of the Great Uighur Empire the Chinese government has come out with a propaganda white paper. This new white paper incorporates the CCP‘s version of the history of the Great Uighur Empire and the Taklamakanians (the Uyghur.) The Chinese government document cherry picks certain historical events and completely forgets others to make a feeble attempt to justify their occupation of the Uyghur homeland, East Turkestan. China also uses it to justify the ongoing cultural genocide and concentration camps.

Coming so close to the release of my new book, it almost reads like a rebuttal and makes me wonder…

Crossing the Sands of Time provides a brief, non-academic history of the Great Uighur Empire and the Taklamakanians (the Uyghur,) as well as discusses other theories using the same name.
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