Having been asked many questions from an early age about my great-grandfather and his theories, I decided to undertake research to answer those many questions.
This blog is part of the interactive media resources of my research website my-mu.com and is used to discuss and investigate the theories of James Churchward and the Lost Continent of Mu.

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  1. Thank you for your continuing work on the sjcuebt of Mu. It is a shame that these discoveries (I’ve read Niven’s book) have not been investigated and documented publicly, but economies and world wars have a way of derailing efforts and pulling things out of the public eye. Nevertheless, there is something about the nature of this ancient civilization that is unwelcome among the scientific and political establishment that has followed the great depression to the present day. There is no sane and legitimate reason why these discoveries should not have been followed up.I suspect that the controlled (faked) discovery of an ancient origin of man would have an extremely powerful political impact with regard to the current status and power of world religions. If the right kind of discoveries were made, it would throw the foundations of people’s beliefs into a chaos that would allow for a major shift in world power.For this reason, I doubt that any energy will be committed from official channels toward restoring or continuing legitimate research and discovery along the lines that Col. Churchward started (at least in the political climate we are living in now). Sincere academic efforts like yours are the only way that further knowledge will come of this, and it may become particularly difficult if faked discoveries are staged. Please don’t give up no matter how buried the truth gets, or how unpopular it becomes, Col. Churchward found something important. Even if he was the only one at the time who could decipher symbol language, the fact is that these artifacts existed; they were documented and there were credible witnesses of the highest integrity. Anyone with a science degree can sit in a chair in Brazil and predict that Atlantis will be found in the South China sea. Churchward and Niven had real evidence on their hands, and lots of it. We must keep in mind over the coming years that their discoveries are part of our reality, and they come from a prehistoric period which actually happened.