Kasskara, the Hopi Mu

Recently a link to a partial translation of the German language book “Kasskara and the Seven Worlds” appeared in my inbox. The email’s author believed it might be helpful in my research into my great-grandfather James’ theories into the Lost Continent of Mu. I do appreciate the opportunity to discover more information about Mu.

This story of Mu was told to Joseph Blumrich, former NASA scientist (1913-2002) and author of The Spaceships of Ezekiel by Hopi Indian, Polar Bear.

To summarize, in this version of Mu, the inhabitants of Mu (also called Kasskara or Lemuria,) lived on their own continent in the Pacific Ocean and came into conflict with the folks from Atlantis (or Talawaitichqua.) The Talawaitichquans advanced their science and technology above all the other people, having delved into the secrecies of the Creator. Eventually they subjugated Europe and Africa and when it was time for Kasskara’s turn, an invisible shield protected them and caused the bombs to explode harmlessly in the atmosphere above them. Almost immediately, Talawaitichqua sunk, providing the instant karma they rightly deserved for their treachery and non-adherence to proper behavior. Kasskara started to sink slowly since only a few people there had been in league with the evil Talawaitichquans. Ingeniously, what is now North America started emerging and formed the new home for the survivors of Kasskara, after the emissaries of Gods living on a far-off planet flew them from their old home (the Third World) to their new home, the Fourth World. This is a short summary of a multi-page online document and readers are encouraged to research further if they are so motivated.

About the only thing in common between Polar Bear’s version and James Churchward’s version is a sunken Pacific Ocean continent. Much like other pronouncements named Mu or Lemuria, the sunken island motif is sometimes all they have in common; however, this version does not promote the idea of a white advanced civilization bringing civilization to the other humans on earth. Instead, it is part of the creation story of the Hopi.

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