Research Challenge – Llakoff’s Island

This is a challenge for all the researchers on the hunt for ancient lost civilizations.

In the 1931 Children of Mu, James Churchward refers to the “Llakoff Islands” in the text quoted below from page 219.

“Off from the mouth of the Lena is Llakoff’s Island. This island is composed of the bones and tusks of mammoths and other forest animals which had been swept up from the Mongolian and Siberian plains by the flood and carried to this, their final resting place. In these bones we find a confirmation that no ice accompanied the wave, for had there been, their bodies and bones would have been mashed into a pulp, and as in eastern North America, no remains of them would be found and Llakoff’s Island never formed.”
Children of Mu, page 219

  1. A web search yields references that all point back to this one passage or derivatives, there is no such place with this name.
  2. The text is included as a portion of the chapter on the Great Uighur Empire describing its destruction. The complete chapter’s text can be viewed at and even includes a map.
  3. The questions are:
    1. Provide the real name of the island (the easy part,) and,
    2. Provide the name of the earliest written account that James may have used as a reference in his description of the island, as well as author’s name, publisher (if known,) and page numbers.
  4. The winner of the contest will be the holder of the email address that sends the earliest correct answer to both questions. There will be only one contest winner. The contest will remain open for one month (May 2016) and all the responses evaluated. After the evaluation, the blog will announce the winner. Preliminary research has developed tentative answers; however, that may not be the final word.
  5. The US or Canadian contest winner will receive a signed copy of either of my books Lifting the Veil on the Lost Continent of Mu Motherland of Men or The Stone Tablets of Mu or a one-month access to scanned copies of James Churchward’s scrapbooks. Due to the onerous costs of overseas postage, a winner in another location would be limited to access to the scanned scrapbooks and whatever else we work out. There is no cash value associated with winning the contest.
  6. All entries shall be emailed to and contain easily identifiable answers to the questions in English. Please include your name (or alias) to be included in the announcement of the winner. Please use an alias if you do not wish your name to become public.
  7. The Contest Administrator (Jack Churchward,) may request verification of the answer to the second question via email to request a url to an image of the text from a printed work or the actual text listed online (i.e., you have seen a document I have not.)
  8. The Contest Administrator is the sole arbiter of the results of the contest.

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